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JAPAN Required Documents

Secondary (High School)-Documents Required

FACS Requires

  • Certificate of Graduation issued in English
  • Grade Report / transcript of secondary school issued in English
  • Certificate of Graduation issued in Japanese and a Photocopy or scan of front and back of the document

Type of Documents Accepted

FACS requires an official document issued in a sealed document for the Certificate of Graduation and the Grade Report in English.

FACS requires a photocopy or scan of the Certificate of Graduation issued in Japanese.

Post Secondary (University)-Documents Required

FACS Requires

  • Graduation Certificate issued in English
  • Transcript / grade report issued in English
  • Diploma / Degree Certificate issued in Japanese Photocopy or scan.

Type of Documents Accepted

Official document issued in a sealed envelope.  We will accept an e-transcript via email directly from your institution addressed to FACS.  Please have your institution use [email protected].  Note that this email address is for institutional use only.


Please use our Academic Records Request Form if you need to request your academic records from your institution or school.  Simply fill out your details and a PDF will be emailed to you immediately.