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Need to Add Bridge Courses (Anticipated) Credits for Guam or Vermont?

Congratulations on completing your coursework.  Please apply for your updated evaluation on our additional services page and choose:


This service is for CPA applicants whose previous evaluation with FACS reported Bridge Course credits, and whose evaluations were completed within the last two years.  Applicants that have previous evaluations that are more than two years old, will need to apply for a new CPA evaluation.

The fee is $50 and includes an unofficial copy of evaluation sent to you.  FACS is partnering with Parchment for the delivery of our evaluations as of September 19, 2023.  Applicants will need to create a Parchment account to have their evaluation sent to their third party. The first email to NASBA or your accounting board is included in your application fee.  If you need additional copies sent there is a nominal fee of $15 for an evaluation to be emailed to your third party. You will pay the $15 on your Parchment account.

Please have your transcripts sent to:

Foreign Academic Credentials Service
105 West Vandalia, Suite 120
Edwardsville, IL 62025

or your university may email them to:

[email protected]