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TAIWAN ROC Required Documents

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Secondary (High School)-Documents Required

FACS Requires

  • Diploma
  • Transcript

Types of Documents Accepted

FACS requires the original documents for both the diploma and the transcript.

Post Secondary (University)-Documents Requires

FACS Requires

  • Graduation Certificate
  • Transcript / grade report

Type of Documents Accepted

FACS requires an Official document issued in a university sealed envelope for both the graduation certificate and the transcript.  We will also accept an e-transcript via email directly from your institution to [email protected].  Note that this email address is for institutional use only.

An original document is the first issue document given to the student from the institution typically at the completion of the studies or at the time the degree is awarded. The official documents are usually printed on security paper and have a raised seal and/or fresh ink stamp.


Please use our Academic Records Request Form if you need to request your academic records from your institution or school.  Simply fill out your details and a PDF will be emailed to you immediately.

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