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“Thanks a lot. I appreciate your meticulous methodology and systematic approach.”
Flag of IndiaDr. Dwarapal S. , India
“I have already received the evaluation. I really appreciate your efficiency. Thank you so much!!! You really saved me!!! I really appreciate your help!!!”
Flag of CanadaMengyuan G., Canada
“I really appreciate all your time and effort you put on this!”
Flag of IndiaShital B., India
“I’m glad to hear the news. Thank you very much for your work.”
Flag of CubaGrisell V., Cuba
“The team at FACS Inc. is extremely professional and thorough. My entire experience with them, from my first contact on phone to the final stage of getting the evaluation has been extremely satisfying. Everyone I came in contact with have been amicable, mindful and willing to spend time and effort to listen. This is rare to find in organizations today. This is precisely why companies like them will be sorted and will succeed. Thank you team FACS Inc.”
Flag of IndiaShital B., India
“This is wonderful!! And thank you for being on social media… It makes it so easy to interact.”
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“You are doing extremely well. Please keep it up. You are helping to change the world by raising professionals.”
Flag of LiberiaStephan M., Liberia
“I am so grateful to your team for a fantastic job well done to ensure I receive my evaluation result in time to apply for the uniform CPA Exams. Thanks a lot again for your unwavering commitment to this service and I wish you all the best in your future endeavors. You are indeed changing the world.”
Flag of LiberiaStephan M., Liberia
Does FACS prepart CLIA Evaluations2022-11-02T12:13:06-05:00

FACS prepares evaluations used for the Clinical Laboratory Improvements Amendments (CLIA) Program. Please go to our website and choose a general evaluation with a course by course option.

What payment methods does FACS accept?2022-02-11T16:02:59-06:00

We accept Visa, Mastercard, American Express, Discover, Diners Club, JCB, Alipay, and WeChat Pay.

Why do I need a CSSD verification of my documents if I was educated in China?2022-11-02T16:19:41-05:00

We require that we receive a CSSD verification of all coursework and degrees completed in the People’s Republic of China.

Please visit the China Higher Education Student Information and Career Center for more information.

Does FACS evaluate medical, physical therapy or nursing educations?2022-11-02T12:14:24-05:00

No.  FACS does not evaluate educations in the medical field, including nursing, dentistry, physical therapy, medicine and pharmacy.  FACS prepares evaluations used for the Clinical Laboratory Improvements Amendments (CLIA) Program. Please go to our website and choose a general evaluation with a course by course option.

Where should I have my official documents sent?2017-04-25T18:36:48-05:00

Please use our office address. Here, we can receive and even sign for your documents, giving you peace of mind.

FACS, Inc.
105 West Vandalia St., Suite 120
Edwardsville, IL 62025

Do I have to upload my documents?2021-10-14T14:44:49-05:00

No, you do not have to upload your documents. 

How do I get a FACS Application ID?2017-04-25T18:39:55-05:00

As soon as you submit your application with us, you will be assigned a new FACS Application ID. This code will also be emailed to you!

Will FACS confirm receipt of my application?2017-04-25T18:41:33-05:00

Yes! Check your email for a confirmation of your application. As soon as you submit your application, we begin the process of moving you along your journey!

Do I need English language translations? Where should I have my translations prepared?2017-04-25T18:45:01-05:00

Official English language translations must accompany official copies of records that are in another language. Official records including transcript and diploma, in the original language must be submitted with English language translations.

We recommend that you contact the American Translators Association (ATA) for a reliable translation agency near you.

What if I have completed courses in the United States?2022-11-02T12:16:24-05:00

Please provide us with official transcripts of your coursework in the United States so that we may include a statement about that work, providing the most complete picture of your education.  This is an optional service available and is not required by us in order to evaluate your non-U.S. education.

What if I have completed transfer courses?2017-04-20T10:31:44-05:00

If you have taken transfer courses, even if they appear on another school’s transcript, we will require that you provide us with an official transcript from the schools at which the courses were completed.

Can you advise me as to which board of accountancy I should apply for the CPA Examination?2017-04-06T09:52:51-05:00

FACS does not advise individuals about the board of accountancy to which they should apply. You should review the requirements of the various boards of accountancy in order to determine the board(s) to which you should apply.

Note >> The requirements differ among boards of accountancy in the United States. It is essential that you review and understand the requirements of the board to which you plan to apply.

What should I do if I have courses in progress?2017-04-06T09:51:28-05:00

Your college or university should send FACS an official certificate reporting the courses in which you are currently enrolled. Applicants to states that provide Certificates of Enrollment, who are currently enrolled in courses at a college or university outside the United States, should submit a Certificate of Enrollment reporting these courses to FACS.

Subsequently, if you wish an evaluation to include these courses as completed, you should request another evaluation from FACS, and have your school send us an official transcript of your academic record reporting your completion of these courses and submit an evaluation fee payment.

Can I apply to the board of accountancy or CPA Examination Services before I receive my evaluation?2017-04-06T09:45:11-05:00

Yes. You are advised to apply for the Uniform CPA Examination as soon as you know to which testing window you will apply. If you prefer to receive your evaluation before you apply for the Uniform CPA Examination, you should submit your evaluation request to FACS as soon as possible.

What happens if the documents submitted are not sufficient for evaluation?2017-04-25T18:53:38-05:00

If the documentation submitted is not sufficient for evaluation, FACS may request the applicant to provide additional or other records and/or to complete supplemental forms describing his or her educational preparation. The applicant will be notified of additional documents required by e-mail. Documents requested must be provided within a one-year period, at which time records will be discarded and the evaluation process will have to be initiated again.

Will FACS return my original records?2022-11-02T12:33:34-05:00

Original records submitted by the applicant will be returned if so requested. Please order a return mailing service on our application.  If you have already completed the application, then go to our additional services to order a return mailing service.  FACS does not accept liability for loss or damage of records during mailing. Please note that we are unable to send you documents received directly from schools or institutions.

Does FACS offer Rush Services?2021-12-21T14:46:54-06:00

Rush Services are offered on the application form for evaluation. Rush Services begin upon receipt and approval of all required documents, application forms and fee payments. Applications with rush service requested are reviewed within 48 hours of receipt. Mailing time is not included in rush service time frame. Mailing options may be selected on the form.

If additional information is required to complete the evaluation, and it cannot be provided within the time frame for rush services, we will place the application in the regular processing queue and refund the rush service fee, minus a processing fee. The processing fee is 25% of the rush service fee. If selecting Rush Service, you must agree to the terms by checking the appropriate box on the application form.

Are you a Miles Education Student? Please note, Miles Education has arranged for expedited processing for their students. Additional Rush Services are not needed.