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Does FACS provide evaluations for Clinical Laboratoy Improvment Amendments (CLIA)?

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FACS has been providing evaluations for clients to meet the Clinical Laboratory Improvement Amendments.


The fee for a general evaluation with a course by course and a grade point average evaluation is $250.  The fee includes an unofficial copy emailed to you.


We have partnered with PARCHMENT to send the official copies to your third party.  You will need to register an account with Parchment after you have reviewed your unofficial evaluation.  There is a nominal fee of $15 to send your evaluation to a third party via Parchment.


The turn-around time is approximately five to sixe weeks from the time that we receive your documents.


We also offer a 20 business day expedited service for $150 or a 10-business day rush for $250 if you require the evaluation quickly.

Please go to our website to order a general evaluation.

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