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How do I order a CPA Evaluation?

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To order an educational evaluation for the purpose of sitting for the CPA Examination or licensing please visit our website, where you will find the “application” tab in the main menu or click on the Application link below.


This type of evaluation is utilized for applicants who are planning to take the CPA exam or apply for licensing with a particular state board.  When applying, you must know which state board you want to choose.  The evaluations for CPA are state-specific, and not typically transferrable.  For instance, an evaluation written for the Delaware Board of Accountancy will not be accepted by the Guam Board of Accountancy.  Every state board has different requirements and our evaluations are written to highlight those particular requirements.

Included in the evaluation fee: One unofficial copy of the evaluation report emailed to the applicant.

FACS is partnering with Parchment for the delivery of our evaluations as of September 19, 2023. Applicants will need to create a Parchment account to have their evaluation sent to their third party. The first email to NASBA or your accounting board is included in your application fee.  If you need additional copies sent there is a nominal fee of $15 for an evaluation to be emailed to your third party. You will pay the $15 on your Parchment account.




Our regular processing time frame is approximately 6 to eight weeks. If needed, we offer a 20 day expedited service for an additional fee of $150 or a 10-business day rush for an additional fee of $250. The timeline begins once we receive all required documents.

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